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1.6.5 PEAP

PEAP Wireless security consists of three components: The authentication framework The authentication algorithm The data privacy or encryption algorithm Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) is a type of authentication algorithm. EAP is an authentication framework that supports multiple authentication methods. PEAP adds security services to those EAP methods that EAP provides. Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol, Protected EAP, or simply PEAP is a method to securely transmit authentication information, including passwords, over wireless networks. It was jointly developed by Microsoft, RSA Security and Cisco Systems. It is an IETF open standard. Note that PEAP is not an encryption protocol; as with other EAP types it only authenticates a client into a network. While many consider PEAP and EAP-TTLS to be similar options, PEAP is more secure since it establishes an encrypted channel between the server and the client. PEAP provides the security framework for mut

1.6.7 MAC Filter

MAC filter MAC addresses are uniquely assigned to each network adapter. Every wireless network adapter has a MAC Address burnt into it. When a wireless network adapter attempts to access the network, the access point (or router) checks the devices’ MAC address. Using MAC address filtering on a network allows the administrator to permit (or deny) network access to specific network adapter devices. If the MAC address doesn't match what's on the list, no connection is possible. This security isn't perfect. MAC Address filtering is often referred to as Security through obscurity because while giving some additional protection, MAC filtering can be circumvented by a determined hacker configuring their client to spoof one of the validated MAC addresses. Using MAC Filtering may lead to a false sense of security. To set up MAC address filtering, the administrator configures a list of network adapter MAC addresses that will be allowed to join the network. Then, each addres