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These generally are my notes, generated as I am preparing for a certification exam, presentation or a technology deployment.

A lot of the material here is gleaned from content available elsewhere. The value-add is that these uploaded notes are vetted and fortified with examples and other original content. The goal is to be descriptive yet concise, with illustrations and examples where appropriate.

I have included references to the original work where appropriate via reference links.

The content here is available under the Creative Commons By license (CC-BY).

Mike Coleman said at DockerCon 2017, "Share your knowledge... help everyone else in your community learn from you..." that's partly why I do this. Also, learning a thing in order to teach a thing is an excellent way to solidify my understanding of a thing.

Good humans comment...
Better humans follow...
Best humans recommend... :-)

Stay tune for my upcoming eBooks on these topics.


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