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These blog posts are my notes, generated in the course of my preparation for a presentation, technology development or certification exam.

I have created this information from scratch or as a modification of existing content. The value-add in each case is, they are vetted and fortified with examples. The goal is to be descriptive yet concise, with illustrations as needed.

I include references to the original source where appropriate via reference links. The content here is available under the Creative Commons By license (CC-BY).

In its mission statement MIT says, in part, it is "committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge". Mike Coleman said at DockerCon 2017, "Share your knowledge... help everyone else in your community learn from you..." this is partly why I do this.

Also, learning a thing in order to teach a thing is a great way to advance your understanding of a thing.

Good humans comment...
Better humans follow...
Best humans recommend... 😊

Stay tune for my upcoming eBooks on these topics.

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