July 20, 2015

View Path Selection Policy

View Path Selection Policy In Use

via vSphere Client:
  • Connect to vSphere Client
  • Select a Host
  • Click Configuration
  • Select Storage
  • Select a Datastore
  • View "Datastore Details" for Path Selection
    In the above example the PSP in use is "Fixed (VMware)".
via vSphere Web Client:

Browse to Datastores in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  • Select the datastore.
  • Click the Manage tab, and click Settings.
  • Click Connectivity and Multipathing.
  • If the datastore is shared, select a host to view multipathing details for its devices.
  • Under Multipathing Details, review the multipathing policies and paths for the storage device that backs your datastore.

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