March 25, 2017

Union File System

Union File System (or UnionFS)

A file system that amalgamates a collection of different file systems and directories (called branches) into a single logical file system. It allows files and directories of separate file systems, to be transparently overlaid, forming a single coherent file system
  • Docker uses Union File System (UnionFS) to combine multiple layers that make up an image into a single Docker image
  • Enables implementation of a modular image, that can be de/constructed as needed, as opposed to a monolithic image
  • Layers are always read top-to-bottom. If an object is found in a top layer and subsequent lower layer, only the top layer object is used
  • supports copy-on-write and read-only or read-write branches
  • Variants of the Union File System includes: AUFS (Advanced multi layered Unification File System), btrfs, VFS, DeviceMapper

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