March 26, 2017

Docker Host

Docker Host

A Docker Host is the server running Docker engine and able to host containers. A Docker Host is a Linux server with Docker installed or a newer model MacOS or Windows server with Docker for Mac or Windows installed. The docker-machine command can be used to create and manage Docker Hosts on older Mac or Windows servers or to create additional Docker Hosts on Linux servers.
  • Docker Host runs Docker Engine, which consists of a Docker daemon, a REST API and a set of client CLI tools
  • Docker Engine runs natively on Linux systems and can provision multiple Docker hosts locally, on a network, or in the cloud.
  • You can use the docker-machine command line tool to manage (create, start, inspect, stop, restart) a Docker host, locally, remotely over the network or in the cloud
  • Examples of a Docker Host operating systems:
    • Linux system with Docker installed and running
    • Supported Mac/Windows OS with Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows installed and running
    • Older Mac/Windows OS with Docker Toolbox installed and running

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