March 04, 2017

Docker Characteristics

Four characteristics of Docker:

  • single-process
    • Preferred run-state is as a single application per container
    • Runs application as PID 1
    • Multi-tier components implemented in separate containers, by default
  • stateless
    • changes/state kept in a writable layer which exists only until the container is deleted
    • Container persistence initiated by committing changes to a new image
    • Persistent data implemented by writing to host mounts or data containers
  • scalable
    • image/container consists of a set of layers
    • layer downloaded only if it doesn't already exist on the host... saving space
    • container builds on instead of duplicating existing resources... saving space and time
    • layering improves resource efficiency: improves performance and scale
  • portable
    • containers are portable across Docker platform
    • self-contained, i.e. each container packaged with required configuration environment

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