June 08, 2015

Storage DRS

Storage DRS

"Storage DRS (SDRS) provides smart virtual machine placement and load balancing mechanisms based on I/O and space capacity. In other words, where Storage I/O Control (SIOC), introduced at vSphere 4.1, reactively throttles hosts and virtual machines to ensure fairness, SDRS proactively makes recommendations to prevent imbalances from both a space utilization and latency perspective. More simply, SDRS does for storage what DRS does for compute resources."

Create datastore cluster via vSphere Client:

Create datastore cluster via vSphere Web Client:

 "SDRS offers five key featues:1
  • Resource aggregation - grouping of multiple datastores, into a single, flexible pool of storage called a Datastore Cluster
  • Initial Placement - speed up the provisioning process by automating the selection of an individual datastore
  • Load Balancing - addresses imbalances within a datastore cluster
  • Datastore Maintenance - when enabled, all registered virtual machines on a datastore, are migrated to other datastores in the datastore cluster.
  • Affinity Rules - controls which virtual disks should or should not be placed on the same datastore within a datastore cluster"
Storage DRS enables more-efficient use of storage resources via VM placement and load balancing based on I/O and space usage. SDRS includes Datastore Clusters (grouping of datastores), Placement Recommendations and storage maintenance mode.

Recommendation is to initially use storage DRS in manual mode and Monitor and evaluate its recommendations for placement and capacity monitoring.

Load Balancing: VMware vSphere Storage DRS continuously balances storage space usage and storage I/O load while avoiding resource bottlenecks to meet application service levels. SDRS can operate in two distinct LB modes: No Automation (manual mode) or Fully Automated.

Continuous Monitoring: Storage DRS monitors storage space and I/O utilization across a pre-assigned datastore pool and aligns storage resources to meet your business growth needs.

Non-Disruptive Maintenance: When a vSphere administrator places a Storage DRS-enabled datastore cluster in Maintenance Mode, Storage DRS moves virtual machine disk files to another datastore. Typical use cases are data migration to a new storage array or maintenance on a LUN, such as migration to another RAID group.

Placement recommendations: Where virtual disks can be migrated


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