May 31, 2015

vSphere Storage Terminologies - Naming Convention

Naming Convention

"The naming convention that vSphere uses to identify a physical storage location that resides on a local disk or on a SAN consists of several components.

The following are the three most common naming conventions for local and SAN and a brief description of each:
  • Runtime name
    • A runtime name is created by the host and is only relative to the installed adapters at the time of creation; it might be changed if adapters are added or replaced and the host is restarted.
    • Uses the convention vmhbaN:C:T:L, where:
      • vm stands for VMkernel
      • hbais host bus adapter
      • N is a number corresponding to the host bus adapter location (starting with 0)
      • C is channel, and the first connection is always 0 in relation to vSphere. (An adapter that supports multiple connections will have different channel numbers for each connection.)
      • T is target, which is a storage adapter on the SAN or local device
      • L is logical unit number(LUN)
  • Canonical name:  The Network Address Authority (NAA) ID that is a unique identifier for the LUN. This name is guaranteed to be persistent even if adapters are added or changed and the system is rebooted
  • SCSI ID:  The unique SCSI identifier that signifies the exact disk or disks that are associated with a LUN"

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