January 28, 2012

3.2.9 Spim


SpIM is short for "Spam via Instant Messenger" and is a term that refers to unwanted and unsolicited junk messages sent via an instant messenger (instead of through e-mail messaging).

Most Spim comes in the form of chat requests/sessions from unknown people who then send you text messages about their products or services. Some may ask you to visit a website, which may contain malware or they may try to send you files to download.

The immediacy of IM makes users more likely to reflexively click links. Furthermore, because it bypasses anti-virus software and firewalls. IM is an easy means of passing on not only commercial messages, but also viruses and other malware.

Never accept or open attachments from people you don’t know.

Turn off the automatic download features in your instant messenger client.

Send all downloads to the same folder on your hard drive and then use your anti-virus software to scan that folder each time a new file is added.

Related Terms
SPIT – Spam over Internet Telephony

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